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Friday, 23-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
dont be too happy first

hi everyone pls dont be so happy and tot that i have updated my blog. in fact just to let u guys know i m trying my best to keep up with everything here and hopefully one day i will be back to write long winding blog again...cheers and gambateh everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Friday, 29-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
today entry is still empty.....

everyone has their bad day. i cant see why life have to be always happy? if that is the case, then we would have no different from those ppl in the mental institution right? they are always happy even they are alone. i m picking up tennis right now and leaving basketball aside 1st. think its time for a sport change. i think i m constantly having sport change from when i was in primary. this the hieracry of my sport change:-
primary:-- badminton/ ping pong/ track and field
high school--basketball/ squash/ swimming/volleyball
uni- tennis/basketball

well i can pick it up fast because i have badminton and squash basic. makes it easier to understand all the technique and etc. really enjoyed it much.
sometimes think about it i m really that kind of guy who likes to do things according to my feelings rather than logic sense. i will just go for the things i like without hesitation and dont even think of regretting it. maybe thats why some ppl thing that i m silly or wat. but who cares??!! we only live once. once u missed it, u dont know when it will ever come back- or it might the only oppurtunity tat time. and i think it really applies to my relationship wise. maybe i m that kind who will dare to love just any girl (not too many) and go for her. sometimes it looks like i m fooling around but seriously what really drives me is maybe not pure fun but the feelings. and i always told myself love according to your feelings and listen to your heart. not to love according to logic sense and listen to your brain. well and right now i still dont think i can achieve this. still using my brain haha . but i could say everyone has their ways to love someone so i cant condemn others. and no one can condemn me bout this ok

so when u feel that u have missed something out of your life (like doing something u always wanted to and telling the one that u love her/him) , make sure u do it NOW and stop contempleting what is gonna happened next-coz u dont even know what is gonna happen to u later. life is too short to contemplate even for one minute. spend all that minutes to do wat u wanted to!!!!

Friday, 22-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

all from sydney and newcastle
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and after 2 more days hols gonna be over and starts another excruciating struggle of another semester. i m actually lying down on the floor right now with my laptop typing this. my laptop desk has been returned to the owner and now hav to search for a new one. should i say things come and go?? wats the big deal?!!! well cant really say that coz when things come it really serve it's purpose and when it is leaving u feel kinda reluctant. not talking bout the desk ok but it applies to everything in life. sometimes u just thought that things are always there for u but not really everything is. dont even mention bout humans.its hard to look for someone really there for u all the time. who can guarantee that u can be there for someone all the time? think of it the best thing that happens is actually always when the time when the special somone is not around. and when bad things do happens, then the special someone will always appeared to comfort u. maybe thats y it is called love. hahah wat a ridiculous theory .
tomorrow its my last day of work and after that i will quit for good. get back into studies 1st. stop myself from doin crazy things like having 5 days of classes and working 5days a week. basically last semester my life only have a few things- study, work, assignment. i dont really work for money but maybe just wanna prove myself i m not those ppl who cant go out and work and always depend on my parents. and of course this is actually my 1st job( a job that i actually receive money). haha well maybe i have proven it by earning all the money for my travelling expenses. and all the pics right down there comes from my hard earned money.
think i can take a break from this hols but turns out to be different....thought i can soak up the sun and feel tranquillity. but life is always ups and downs right haha. there isnt a straight line for it-----/\"/\"/\"-----

Friday, 15-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
after few weeks

well looks like i haven been writing here for couple of weeks already. but sometimes i feel that it would be better if u write when u feel like writing and not because of obligations. so tats y i haven been touching this for ages. today is my fren birthday and celebrated with couple of frens in a mexican restaurant. food was a bit different but still enjoyed it because of the hospitality. bravo to the service. started working already but its gonna end soon. wouldnt be working later these few weeks. haven been exercise quite some time and i think i will hav to go back soon after my work ends. do some pumps and sit ups. keep myself in healthy and good shape haha. tummy is getting bloated nowdays coz hav been eating too much back from sydney. gonna post a lot of sydney pics here. but need to arrange a bit 1st b4 i can really post it up.
last of all i wish to say- for everything that has happened, make it worth remembering; and for everything that is going to happen, make it worth waiting.

Friday, 24-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
wat ever can be done have been done

before it is built (boardwalk is a community project....)
in progress of building (to promote eco-tourism in the area...)
completed (a place to rest and enjoy activities like bird-watch)
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counting down to my exam which is in 10hrs time. have been studying for around 6hrs earlier on and dont think any more info will fit in my brain. actually those things are just too hard to fit into anyone's brain. chemical eng studying miming stuff.....trying to convert us to mining eng.... and all mining eng. do is living in the the middle of the desert and work bloody under the cave. dam hot and no entertainment. anyways gonna sleep bout an hour time coz still have to prepare all my stuff for this open book exam which looks like open book is totally useless for this course. and after tomorrow that all for this sucking semester....goodbye sucking semester and next semester would be different.
things still very vague in other side of my life. the thing that one wanted the most is now seriously under scrutinized. and i could not do anything but to wait and wait. sometimes it is just so hard to keep silence and stay still and not goin after things u wanted in life. just makes one dont know whether to laugh or cry. i m really stuck in that situation. forseen that after this exam another turbulence of uncertainties and frustration will be coming soon. sometimes i just use liquor to cover it but this time is totally different, not even into liquor anymore. liquor is just not working for me anymore.....i m really sleepy now and really wish to sleep and hope tomorrow never comes. even after tomorrow is the end of my finals i still wish it will not come coz after that things will be different again.
another thing that really sadden me this time is the BOARDWALK!! the boardwalk me and all my once in a lifetime fren built in Kuala Gula is now SOLD???!!!! to dont know who the heck who claims himself as representative or watever. i just received Ashly email and knew bout this. wat the heck man cant he even read the notice board there saying NOT FOR SALE. we spent more than 3weeks working at it everyday and all our memories just vanished under the hands of anonymous.and most tragic thing is he bought the land to build his bloody banglow and bloody chalet. well dont worry man i will post this in Raleigh later and c wat they can do about it. mate, things in life wouldnt come so easily especially things doesnt belong to u. know that rule ok mate.
anyway gonna ciaoz now finished up my day and sleep early.

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